New Phase, New Blog

I started a new blog and maintain Bits of HCI archived as a memory of the time of my doctoral studies. Please, visit I have moved to San Francisco after 8 years of living in the Midwest. I miss the gorgeous Fall leaves and fresh snow hit by light but I am also happy to live in a vibrant, diverse city. So, new life phase, new blog! See you there!

[A note about this post and what happened when I was working on setting up my new blog] Oh my god! I cannot believe GoDaddy has become so cumbersome! It keeps breaking and won’t let me set up a new WordPress blog or manage my hosting features. It goes to blank and bad request pages and keeps insisting that I buy web building services. I am done! I just hope that when you read this, I could redirect to Medium until I have the time to deal with GoDaddy. GoDaddy’s UX has become terrible and certainly made me feel the opposite of delight! 😡

Published by Omar Sosa-Tzec

Assistant Professor of Design Foundations at San Francisco State University